The Solomon Islands community in Australia's Adelaide city enjoyed a touch of island style celebrations during a visit to an Aboriginal Elderly Village over the Christmas period.

Pastor Apollos Kalialaha and family, together with local University students, took the time to share Christmas joys through carols with locals in the village.

Pr. Apollos, an SSEC missionary serving in South Australia, said that being far from loved ones, visiting the Aboriginal elderly village was "at least a taste of going back home for the group".

Both residents and staffs of the elderly village appreciated the kind gesture that had the area filled with sounds of singing and laughter.

In conveying Christmas greetings to the people of the Solomons on behalf of the group, Pr. Apollos reminded everyone to take heart Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua's Christmas message.

"Let us take on our Prime Minister's words into our New Year's resolution, that the answers lie between the covers of one book - the Holy Bible."