People of Gao-Bugotu Constituency in Isabel Province are bracing for their first ever Cultural Festival at Huali Village coming Monday on the theme "Know you culture, know your future".

The Festival is organized and funded by the Gao-Bugotu Constituency Congress following a resolution passed during a meeting of leaders September last year at Lepi village.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga will officiate as chief guest at the Festival opening on Monday.

Hon. Maelanga's presence at the festival demonstrates the NCRA Government's commitment towards the promotion and preservation of the country's fading arts and cultures.

Minister for Culture and Tourism and MP for Gao-Bugotu, Hon. Samuel Manetoali said the aim of the festival is to give his people an opportunity to showcase and share the various aspects of their cultures.

"We have realized that our traditional arts and cultural practices are at risk of disappearing in this modern age and this festival is aimed at revitalizing and promoting our fading cultures among the young generation of Gao-Bugotu," Hon. Manetoali said.

Hon. Manetoali added that the Festival is aimed at preparing his people to participate at the upcoming 11th Festival of Pacific Arts July next year in Honiara.

A host of activities including performing and creative arts, traditional music and dance, culinary arts (cooking) and contemporary music will be highlights of the festival.

The event will also be used to launch the Bina Bina, one of the last remaining traditional Isabelian war canoes used during inter-island warfare in the past.

The Bina Bina will be paddled by warriors on a journey from Lepi village in West Bugotu to Huali village in East Bugotu where it will be launched during the opening of the festival.
The history and stories of the Bina Bina will also be told during the festival to visitors and the young generation of Isabel.

The weeklong cultural event starts Monday 26 and will conclude on Friday 30 September.

Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit