The Solomon Islands Isabel Province will continue to recognize and value the importance of its traditional leaders and the work of the church.

Stated in its Sector Policy Objective, the province will strife to strengthen the Isabel traditional leadership and church governance systems.

This will be done by recognizing and providing support for the three pillars - Traditional Leaders (Isabel Council of Chiefs), Church and the Isabel Provincial Government.

To achieve the objective, the Province with its Sector Policy Strategies acknowledges the important role of traditional leaders as a primary source of authority and stability in the communities. Therefore, the province will develop capacity of traditional leaders in dispute settlements in the communities by improving and codifying procedures, mechanisms and structure and codes of conduct.

In addition, the province will organise trainings for traditional leaders in leadership building, promoting custom knowledge and skills and exercising judiciary functions - in matters related to land, civil conflicts and disputes, adoption, compensation, breakdown of customs, custom agreement, community obligations and church affairs.

With its Sector Policy Strategies Isabel province will continue to promote Christian values and beliefs for community peace building and family life.

The Province will assist the church to promote the development of women, children and youth and to facilitate in establishing Schools and Missionary Health Services.

Further, Isabel Province will continue to support the socio-economic development activities and programmes rendered by the registered local Church organisations.

Isabel Province is one among the few provinces in Solomon Islands that its Chiefly system is still very strong and active and work very closely with the church.

Source: Press Release; Government Communications Unit