In what has been described as "a major step forward for youths", Isabel Province will, on the 22nd and the 28th of this month, hold a Youth Parliament at its Provinicial Capital, Buala.

Coordinator of the event, Wilson Karamui, told the SIBC that the idea of having a youth parliament is "a rural-based initiative, aimed at empowering the young people as future decision makers".

Mr Karamui stated that 44 youth parliamentarians will attend the Isabel Youth Parliament 2007 session. The youth will represent the 16 wards and six secondary schools in Isabel Province. Karamui said that during Youth Parliament, Youth MPAs will have the opportunity to debate a mock Bill and engage in general debate.

The event will also discuss and endorse the Isabel Youth Policy and formulate the Isabel Youth Action Plan. Mr Karamui says the program will be divided into various activities both indoor and outdoor.