The recently launched Isabel Provincial Government Policy Statement 2011-2015 focuses on five main development needs.

They are Infrastructure, Economic, Human and Social, Environment Sustainability and Capacity.

The Policy Statement has under its Provincial Policy Direction the vision - "People of Isabel Province shall have equal and maximum access to spiritual, social, economic and infrastructure services to enjoy a prosperous life".

In launching the Policy paper recently, Premier Amos Gigini said the paper is a present to the people of Isabel, which his government has "mandated itself to come up with a document that is realistic, achievable yet progressive, growth changes envisaged in a sustainable manner for the next five years".

"Hence, being a responsible government past successive governments unattended programs have been amalgamated for a holistic approach to the development of this province though resources may be a challenge" he said.

Premier Gigini said his government would Endeavour to advocate and to achieve a peaceful, united, strong healthy and coequal partner with his people as they moved forward.

The Provincial Policy Direction contained in the Policy Statement highlights the province's challenges and needs as:
.Infrastructure development:Poor physical infrastructure to facilitate Provincial development and service delivery to the community,
.Economic development:Lack of diversified activities other than agriculture and heavy reliance on logging,
.Human and social development:Inadequate provision and low quality of health and education services and other imbalances of spiritual and social development,
.Environment sustainability:Increase extent of commercial business operations of natural resources exploitations and danger of breaking balance in the eco-system and livelihoods for people in the rural communities.
.Capacity development in Provincial Governance and Public Administration: Low capacity of public sector management, administration, and greater need for effective and efficient Provincial development coordination.

It further highlights the provinces goals, which are:
.Foster better living and working environment by improving the existing and constructing of new infrastructures,
.Facilitate Provincial Economic growth by managing natural resources in a sustainable manner and a leeway to human and social development,
.Promote and facilitate a balanced human and social development in different sectors including Health and Medical, Education and Human Resources Development, Women's Development, Children, Youth, Sports, Culture, Tourism, and Law and Order,
.Ensure sustainable Provincial developments are economically, socially, culturally, spiritually and environmentally balanced,
.Develop capacity of Provincial Government Institutions in public sector management and administration, strengthened partnerships in collaboration with various Provincial Stakeholders and enhance efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of Provincial governance and public administration.

Source: Government Communication Unit