There have been speculations over the resignation of the Isabel Provincial Minister for Education, Michael Meredi.

Reports stated that Mr. Meredi's resignation was due to the failure of services by the Provincial Government to the people of Isabel.

The Deputy Premier of Isabel Provincial Government, Lonsdale Manasseh clarified the issue saying that the resignation of the Provincial Minister for Education, Michael Meredi, was on medical and personal grounds.

According to reports, Mr Meredi was also quoted in saying that the current Provincial Government failed to make proper decision, the reason for the provincial departments functioning properly.

There were also claims that a notice of a no confidence motion on the current Provincial Government was submitted by the member for Kokota Ward, Mr. James Habu.

However, Mr Manasseh stated that there have not been any notices of a motion of no confidence received.

The Deputy Premier also denies accusations of poor performance by the current Provincial Government saying that the administration is doing all it can to implement it's plans and policies.

Mr Manasseh says although they have not been officially informed of any no confidence motion, the Dotho Government is ready to face such motion.