Popular bands from Isabel Province have united to raise money for the tsunami victims.

The Isabel fundraising committee have managed to get some of their popular artists to assist raise money for the victims of the tsunami.

The concert, to be held tomorrow at the Art Gallery, will feature some big names from Isabel such as Saba and Kekene.

Saba, one of the leading names in Solomon music, stated that the concert is a way of reaching out to "our brothers and sisters in West and Choiseul". Saba said that Isabel music has a strong following in West and Choiseul. "Today they are not just fans of Isabel music but also victims of a disaster" Saba said. "We want them to know that we are here for them"

An excited fan told Solomon Times that he is looking forward to the concert tomorrow "It's for a good cause, and also this is the first time all these great artists are performing in the same venue" the fan said. "I am ready to sing along with some of my favourite ghema hits"