Former City Councilor, Mr. John Seti Iromea, has landed himself in court over the burning of the Burns Creek Community centre.

Witnesses say that Mr. Iromea may have had a hand in the burning of the Community centre, a charge he strongly denies. Mr. Iromea, arrested and charged on Sunday, along with his son and nephew, is crying foul.

"It is a community house and I was the one living in it with my family," Mr. Iromea told Solomon Times.

He then stated that the land is his property but not the building, "but that does not mean that I burned down the building, how could I do such a thing when all my belongings are in it."

However, his lawyer, Ms. Nicole Manning from Public Solicitors said that the prosecutor should not have denied the application for bail because the police have not even obtained any statement.

Ms. Manning said that they could not deny bail without a specific reason.

Mr. Iromea has been remanded in custody for 40 days, and will appear before the courts in mid April.