The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Professional Standard and Internal Investigation (PSII) has completed its investigation into the traffic incident involving police officers in a police vehicle near Auki, Malaita Province allegedly hitting two pedestrians on 29 February 2020.

Acting Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau says, “After receiving the report from the PSII, the Commissioner’s office will take further action against the three officers based on the evidence provided in the report.”

“In addition to that, officers in the Traffic Unit at the Auki Police Station have interviewed the police officer who was the driver of the police vehicle during the said incident and will lay appropriate traffic charges on the officer as soon as the investigation is completed,” Acting Commissioner Mangau explains.

“RSIPF will not tolerate any misconduct by any of its officers. I wish to thank the PSII for its report which I will study and make the appropriate decision based on the evidence gathered during the investigation while the appropriate charges will be laid under the Traffic Act,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau.

Source: RSIPF Media