Detectives and specially trained Police Response Team officers have arrived in Avuavu to investigate the attack on a RAMSI police officer.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Johnson Siapu, said police have been conducting patrols in the Avuavu area and have spoken to a number of people about the attack.

Officers have been to the medical clinic and other areas as part of the initial investigation. Their presence has been well received by the community who were scared after the appalling behaviour of the offenders.

The officers are being supported by Participating Police Force and RAMSI military personnel.

Acting Commissioner Siapu explained that the investigation into the attack is a priority for police. Locating the offenders and people helping them to avoid arrest will be the focus.

"Police know who the offenders are and we will be actively pursuing them. Any member of the public that assists them in evading police will become a target of this investigation," he said.

Police are considering paying cash reward for any information leading to the apprehension of the offenders, in particular the alleged leader of this attack, Alphonseus Toghovotu.

Anyone with information is urged to contact your nearest police post or Police Communications on 23666.