The investigation into the attempted murder of the New Zealand police officer is still under way at Weathercoast.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Peter Marshall told the media that the SIPF and the PPF are still out in the Weathercoast area investigating the matter.

Marshall told the media that the suspect is still in hiding and has already been in hiding for too long.

Mr. Alphonseus Toghovotu is wanted for brutal murders during the ethnic crisis.

Meanwhile, the PPF officer who was attacked by Mr. Toghovotu has returned to New Zealand and is still under going treatment.

Acting Commissioner said that he was very lucky to be alive, as he sustained injuries that could have been critical if he had not been physically strong.

According to Mr. Marshall, Alphonseus was with a few companions at the time of the attack, one of which was his wife.

Mr. Marshall urged the Weathercoast community to see the importance of assisting the police and bringing the wanted person before the court.