The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) is calling on all outward bound international travelers to apply at least one week before their departure time for the WHO Yellow card.

The Health Ministry says that due to the requirements for international travel by countries and travel requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increase in the issuing of WHO Yellow card or WHO international certificate of Vaccination.

“As such all persons scheduled to travel overseas are hereby advised to submit your COVID-19 vaccination cards to the Ministry of Health one week prior to your travel date.

“This is important for our staff to have ample time to verify your vaccination details against our records, in order for us to issue your yellow card. These card are issued by the Ministry for free,” a recently released statement says.

The Health ministry says numerous submissions of COVID-19 vaccination cards for the yellow cards, only a day before travel, causing great inconveniences to their staff that deal with the verification process.

“Note that it takes time to verify vaccination information against our database and if we are unable to verify your vaccination details, you will not be issued the yellow card.

“Therefore, to avoid disappointment on your part, health seeks your cooperation in the timely submission of your COVID-19 vaccination details as advised.”

Source: MHMS Media