An initiative is in place to maintain cleanliness around town.

This follows the recent success of the Honiara Clean Up campaign on 30th October that saw a wide turn out.

In a meeting at the Honiara City Council today, a general overview of achievements on the campaign was discussed among adhoc councillors, who saw the need to implement an initiative that would help maintain the cleanliness of the capital city, Honiara.

It was agreed that the campaign has set and given sufficient ideas to public servants, stakeholders and the general public on how to take pride in maintaining the city.

Councilors present at the meeting agreed on the need to implement and enforce on shop owners around town a by-law to help in maintaining cleanliness in and around their vicinity.

The meeting agreed that with the implementation of the Council's by-law, shop owners who do not maintain cleanliness around their area will be dealt with accordingly.

It was agreed that such enforcement will help towards making Honiara city an attraction to outside visitors not just on its natural beauty.