The Australian High Commissioner, Frank Ingruber, has stated that an article which appeared in the Solomon Star newspaper on 12 February about his meeting on 10 February with the Prime Minister, Hon Danny Philip, was a misrepresentation of that meeting.

"While it is diplomatic practice not to reveal details of high-level discussions, the claims that have been made about the meeting and about Australia's position are not correct," Mr Ingruber said.

The Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Alfred Sasako, had earlier revealed to the Solomon Star what was said to have been discussed during the high level meeting between the Prime Minister and the Australian High Commissioner.

Mr Sasako had implied that the Australian High Commissioner was in agreement with the government that the Deputy Opposition Leader, Mathew Wale, may have been to blame for "using the name of Australia to advance his political interests."

"Australia's position is that the accusations against Australia and RAMSI in the so-called 'intelligence report' are entirely baseless."

The Australian High Commissioner said that Australia does not seek to interfere in political developments in Solomon Islands and has not done so.

"Those developments are purely a matter for Solomon Islanders," said Mr Ingruber.