Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua has told Parliament that infrastructure is the key to development.

He was speaking in Parliament on the debate of the 2008 National Budget. Dr Sikua said that the economic needs and development aspirations of Solomon Islanders cannot be met without well developed infrastructure.

He said his Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government (CNURA) and development partners have attached priority to rural infrastructure because it will pave the way for development to take place thus improving the lives of the rural population.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Dr Sikua said that equally important is the development of the countries human resources. "The CNURA Government will continue to attach a lot of priority on Education and human resources development," said Dr Sikua.

He said that under the CNURA Government, the office of the Prime Minister will work closely with the Ministry Education and Human Resources Development to ensure that the policies and programs on education are implemented.