Solomon Islands Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua has described the inconsistency in Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo's claimed monthly cost of his hotel accommodation as intriguing.

Dr Sikua says that the payment vouchers by the state to the Honiara Hotel for the Prime Minister's accommodation is not consistent with what was claimed by the Prime Minister.

This follows a statement issued by the Prime Minister over the weekend insisting yet again that his monthly hotel rental is only SBD$15,000 as per his accommodation allowance under the Parliamentary Entitlement Regulation.

Dr Sikua says it is fascinating that the Prime Minister keeps maintaining that his hotel stay only costs SBD$15,000 per month whilst copies of the Prime Minister's hotel bills and payment vouchers by the government to the hotel for the accommodation bill obtained from the Ministry of Finance shows the state is actually paying much more.

He says this situation warrants an explanation by the Ministry of Finance as it appears some fraudulent deals may be at play in the Prime Minister's Hotel Rental saga.