Police says those that use online mediums to incite violence are committing a crime. Police says incitement is a crime whatever medium you use.

The Police made this call after a post went viral on social media targeting a certain Province and its people, encouraging violence and further disorder.

"To the good people of Solomon Islands, especially those social media users, stop inciteful posts that will create violence and cause division among us," Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ms Juanita Matanga says.

DC Matanga says, “I call on all citizens, including chiefs, elders, church leaders and all women, men and youth leaders to understand that we are one people despite the different ethnic groups we come from. Let us continue to show respect for one another and maintain peace as we are a Christian loving country.”

Ms Matanga says, “We treat everyone as brothers and sisters though we come from different provinces. We are all one."

She says that despite our diverse and rich cultural values and practices we share one common Christian value.

Matanga says this should bring us together as one united Solomon Islands and not to discriminate against one another.

She says, “Despite the current situation, which is connected with politics, the RSIPF is a neutral organisation. Our role is to ensure that there is peace and safety in our communities during this challenging time.”

With RSIPF Media