It has always been Hilda Surimae’s passion to be in the field of beauty and fashion.

Hilda, 33, from Malaita province has been working for seven years in the beauty and fashion sector and has a strong belief in the empowering effect of beauty in the lives of women and girls.

“As a young girl I was not able to complete my education so decided to work helping my cousin who worked in Miracle Salon in Taj Mahal here in Honiara,” she told Solomon Women.

‘After working for three years there, I went to work at another salon in Honiara Hotel for a year. I then came to the Haus of Nails in Heritage Park Hotel and have been here for three years,” she said.

Beauty is very important for people in the Solomon Islands, Hilda said.

“Cleaning ourselves and beautifying our body is part of keeping our body healthy. We have many germs in our nails and it is important for us to clean up,” she said.

“Body cleaning involves different types of methods. Some of this methods are beauty services, body washing, nails pedicure, manicure, spray tan and waxing. These are the important treatments that a person’s body should use often.”

Manicures and pedicures provide benefits for the overall health and wellbeing including improving the health of our nails and reducing the chances of fungi and other infections.

“I see people in Solomon Islands overlook these methods of cleaning their body,” Hilda said.

“I have been working in the beauty salon for years and have seen that most people who normally comes are often foreigners. Only few people in Solomon Islands comes to do these treatments.”

“I want to encourage women and girls out there to have a concern on their nails on feet and hands,” she said.

“There are good benefits on cleaning our body, so, yes, it is very important.”

Hilda has seen that men from other countries coming to do cleaning up, which she said was very good.

“There are men clients, mostly people from other countries, but rarely do I see Solomon Islanders coming in for the services.”

Clients’ beauty and the way they look after her work gives Hilda much satisfaction and happiness.

But there are challenges.

“This has been my passion and I have been working doing my job faithfully for but I still have challenges that I face with men clients. Some men, especially foreigners, are nor respectful in the way that a client should.

“But I am happy that I am a strong woman that respects my job and also my clients and never fall to any temptations that get in my way.”

Hilda encourages everybody, especially women and girls, to practice the habit of cleaning and keeping their body clean and healthy at all times.

She also encourages girls who have dropped out of high school and who have not been able to go onto further studies to follow their passion.

“Do not look down on your selves, you must know your passion and respect it because at the end you will be happy.”