The Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government will review the country’s existing immigration and labor laws to ease challenges affecting foreign investment in Solomon Islands.

This step is one of the activities undertaken in the Government’s sectoral reform programs to strengthen the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Industries and Immigration.

The legislative reforms are needed to provide the right environment for investment to grow and provide better incentives to attract investor confidence.

The Government is also encouraging investors to tap public-private-partnerships by engaging with the Government to invest in the country’s productive sector.

Meanwhile, promoting and sustaining economic growth is one of the major interests of Solomon Islands and the Government fully agrees that Small and Medium Enterprises will be the backbone of the country’s economic growth.

It is believed that providing better incentives to Small and Medium Enterprises will contribute towards job creation and sharing of income generation.

With this, the Government will enact a small and medium enterprise legislation to enable the participation of Solomon Islanders in domestic investments. 


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit