The current Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono, in an interview with Radio Australia, revealed that he will contest for the position of Prime Minister should he win the upcoming elections.

Mr Fono also promised sweeping changes to the way the Rural Constituency Fund, RCDF, is managed. "My political party, which I will launch after parliament dissolves, the name is Solomon Islands People's Congress Party. The focus of that party is to make reforms in the constituency development funding," said Mr Fono.

"The current system, one of the biggest weaknesses or the hurdles that we face is when these funds are paid through constituencies and members of parliament controls that, you tend to see a lot of people queuing at members of parliament residencies, offices, in order to give out free handout. That is the problem."

Mr Fono said that he believes that he has had enough experience being his third term in parliament. "Once there is confidence from the members of parliament to choose me for prime minister, certainly I will be putting my hands up to take the leadership. I am a firm believer that if it is God's will, then certainly things will fall into place as I am a committed Christian and I pray regularly, I attend church, I pray towards revelation of God's will for leadership for this nation," said Mr Fono.