Yesterday the Prime Minister admitted in court that he had used abusive language to police officers on the 3rd of February, 2006.

Dr. Derek Sikua said that prior to the unfortunate incident he was with his campaign managers preparing for the national general election.

"I called for a meeting with my campaign managers to talk about how to go about with our campaign for the 2006 national election for north east Guadalcanal constituency," stated Dr. Sikua.

He said that later that evening he left his private residence to drop off his campaign management team.

He said that their destination was Barandeh River, because the three campaign managers live up at Sikua's home village in Tasimboko, West of Guadalcanal.

Dr. Sikua recalled that on their way up, they stopped at one of the bottle shops at Kukum and bought a carton of Solbrew beer.

"The carton of beer was not opened until we got out of town boundary and the boys started drinking," he said. "But since I was the one driving, I waited until we got to the Barandeh river side."

He told the court that they spent at least 30 minutes at the river side, "the three got off the vehicle and cross the Barandeh River to go to Tasimboko village," he added.

Dr. Sikua then stated that he was still drinking the same opened beer when they left the river side for his cousin's residence at Mbumburu Ridge, upper Lengakiki.

He stated that after spending a few hours at his cousin's place, they drove down town and that was when the incident happened.

Dr. Sikua said that he was receiving death threats from people that are known to be armed. Dr. Sikua said that he was frustrated when he saw police vehicles within the town boundary since there were people in his community who were armed and have stated in no uncertain terms that they would use it against him.

"I used the abusive language out of frustration, because my life was at risk, when there are RAMSI and police officers around, doing nothing about people still with high powered guns."

Dr. Sikua stated that by that time, he had just finished his third drink and was not very drunk. "That was when a RAMSI officer standing outside of my car, asked me to step out. When I did, they arrested me and my other passenger and took us to the Central Police Station."

Currently, the court is giving time for the defense and prosecution to prepare their closing submissions, which is expected to be presented before the Courts today morning.