A family fisheries base at Nangagu, East Rennell, was totally destroyed by two huge waves earlier this week.

Stuart Nonu reports from Niupani, East Rennell, that a family venture, in its initial establishment stage was destroyed when two huge waves struck the shorelines of East Rennell this week.

Mr. Nonu says freezers, fishing gear and other belongings were swept away by the big waves.

He says what is left on the site is a cracked speed boat.

Mr. Nonu believes that the same waves forced a resident of Kangava bay to move to higher grounds earlier this week.

In other related issues, Mr. Nonu says the heavy rain over the past few days saw the lake rising above its normal water mark.

He says when this situation happens people's taro plots are now flooded making it hard for the people to get food.

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