The Tetere Police yesterday uprooted more than 1,500 marijuana plants at the Komukea Village in the Tasimboko area, North East Guadalcanal.

The marijuana plants were discovered and reported to Tetere Police on the previous day by locals.

An operation to seize the plants was successfully carried out, when officers from Tetere swooped on the plantation at approximately 10:00am yesterday morning.

Provincial Police Commander for Guadalcanal Province, Superintendent George Guna, said the successful operation has stopped a large quantity of marijuana being sold to the public.

"The officers involved in this operation are to be congratulated. They have stopped a dangerous drug from hitting the streets and therefore have stopped any associated anti-social behaviour.

"Marijuana can cause serious health problems for people and the seizure of 1,500 plants means less people will have access to this dangerous drug. We will continue our fight against the cultivation of marijuana," he said.

Two males from the community are assisting police with their enquiries and the investigation is continuing.

Press Release (Police Media Unit)