The occupancy rate for the three major hotels in Honiara has been around the 100 percent mark for the last three months.

The figure was gauged by making calls to the three major Hotels in Honiara, checking their occupancy rate for the last month.

Duty Manager at the King Solomon Hotel, Francis Lilo, described the situation as very good for business but at the same time he felt really bad having to tell potential customers calling from overseas that there is no room available.

The Duty Manager said the increase in occupancy started about three months ago, with people having to make bookings as early as three months. He said the recent hosting of regional conferences in Honiara has contributed to the increase in room occupancy. He said King Solomon had to refer some of its guest to the Motels in Honiara.

"The situation is desperate and the government needs to seriously look into the room shortages we are currently having in Honiara," said the Duty Manager. A call to Honiara Hotel and Mendana also revealed similar rates.

Mr. Lilo said at the moment 65 percent of the current guests in King Solomon are workers and people attending conferences. Tourists at the moment make up a very small percentage but he said the hotel is taking in bookings by tourists in the coming months. He said they are expecting the tourist bookings to pick up.

He said recent political happenings in neighboring countries like Fiji, has helped boost the numbers of regional conferences hosted in Honiara.