The National Referral Hospital (NRH) is limiting visitor numbers, this is to ensure social distancing can be practiced by staff and patients.

This is part of the state of public emergency alert in Honiara.

AID security Service observed in the past weeks NRH slowly make changes to its rules with more cooperation coming from the public.

Supervisor of AID security Service Mr. Enoch Maeinia said the scale down plan is a challenge since they are the ones who at the front line in approaching people daily.

He explained that people overtime understand and accept the restriction measures

“It’s a challenging thing to do when we try to approach people since we are guided by cultures and customs that people must see their relatives as a moral support.

"I see that slowly people understand and respond positively to the rules and it also give us hope that people are cooperating in such times as state of emergency.”

Meanwhile Medical Superintendent, Dr. John Hue in a statement said NRH urgently needs to control the movement of visitors.

Every patients admitted at NRH wards will be allowed one pass for one relative only to stay at any time.

“These measures are being implemented to improve clinical care to patients and also NRH is our one and only hospital that provides tertiary health services in the country.”