"To be riding a horse is a great experience and I am very happy because when I watch movies, I always imagine myself riding it and now it's like a dream come true," an excited 13-year-old says after his experience at the trade show grounds.

Solomon Times caught up with Dean Trasel after his "very privileged" horse-riding experience.

Asked if he is having a good time at the trade show, a beaming Dean nodded saying his horse ride experience is one he will never forget.

The horse stall is among the many around the biggest trade show ever staged in the Solomons as it coincides with the nation's 30th anniversary celebrations.

Dean told Solomon Times that without the trade show, "I would never know what it is like to ride a horse".

The stall attracted a huge crowd of locals curious to catch a glimpse of the huge quiet animal that is quite rare to be seen in the country.

However, only a few brave ones stepped up to mount the horse.

"I think for me, seeing a real life horse is enough but I don't think I feel safe to go up and ride it," an observer said.