Honiara is currently undergoing a new facelift with the construction of footpaths.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, who is funding the project, have taken onboard a private group, the "P and H Contractors", to oversee the work.

One of the road workers, Eddie Raga, said the tough job they are tasked with is made harder with the occasional disturbance such as inconsiderate drivers, who sometimes get in the way.

"We are asking that drivers are more careful, because our job is right on the road side so we expect more precautions from people behind the wheels," he said.

Speaking with Solomon Times, the Transport Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Engineer, Harry Rini, said the reason for the footpath is to help ease the traffic flow.

"Creating footpaths is for pedestrians to use instead of being in the way along the road sides, causing disturbance to the flow of traffic," Mr. Rini told Solomon Times.

He adds that with improvements done to the pedestrian footpaths, "we do not expect vehicles to use them as parking spaces".

"The footpath is not the only project we are focusing on, but also other major improvements on outskirt roads of Honiara, which we are hoping to have a positive outcome on road users," said Mr. Rini.