Solomon Islands Indigenous People of Human Rights Advocacy Association (SIIPHRAA) and Family Support Centre will jointly organise a "16 Days Activism of Human Rights".

The 16 Days Activism of Human Rights program will be celebrated throughout the world by human rights organisations.

Speaking to Solomon Times, caretaker Deputy Director of SIIPHRAA, George Susuburi, said that the program will be funded by the Taiwanese Government, coordinated by the Family Support Centre and implemented by SIIPHRAA.

Mr. Susuburi said the support of Family Support Centre was made necessary as SIIPHRAA, being newly established, is yet to be recognised both locally and internationally.

He expalined that SIIPHRAA, launched October last year, is a 'premature organisation' that needs the support of an organisation that is widely known.

"Although the program deals with human rights issues, SIIPHRAA is leaning on Family Support Centre as a well recognised organisation, to coordinate the event," he said.

The program will highlight discrimination and abuses against humanity, which consists of men, women and children.

The 16 Days Activism of Human Rights program will take place from 25th November to 10th December at Town Ground in Honiara.