The Honiara City Council (HCC) is calling on market vendors to voluntarily remove their belongings from informal market spots.

A notice from HCC has advised market vendors to voluntarily remove their tables from these specified locations.

Custom Garden Market, Panatina Area, Fishing Village Market, Kobito, Border area, Kukum area, Fijian Quarter Market, Talise, Lengakiki/Mbuburu area, Rove Market, White River 01 and 02 Market.

The council said once they confiscate tables and items from these informal markets they will destroy them.

“Anyone obstructing or not complying will be prosecuted”, the notice said.

It is understood some vendors have removed their tables and items from the informal market sites after this notice was issued yesterday.

Vendors were given 24 hours to remove their belongings.

At the same time the Council is calling on for cooperation among the general populace in Honiara.

Following instructions from the Prime Minister in his nationwide address, the City Council is calling on people to comply willing fully.

The council will be forced to beef up operations and enforce drastic measures if people do not comply with the notices issued.

These notices are in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

HCC Law Enforcement Division with the support of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) are carrying out shut down operations of informal markets to minimize gathering of people.

Source: HCC