The Honiara Central Market has received a facelift, following a construction of a steel fence erected around the market premises.

Solomon Times approached City Councilor; Mr. Jeremiah Taloa responsible for infrastructure around the City who stated that the intention of the fence was to safe guard the market premises.

"We are trying to avoid the many illegal activities that take place at the market area at night. A lot of crime has been happening around the market area and we want to reduce that," he said.

He stated that the selling and consumption of alcohol and prostitution are the illegal activities common at the market premises at night.

He stated that the market janitors would now find it easier to clean up the market and to continuously keep it clean.

He also stated that it is quite common for market vendors to sleep overnight to protect their goods, however this will soon change.

"We are trying to meet the need of the market vendors by having more than 5 to 6 store rooms built to store their goods. This is to avoid them sleeping in the market premises.

"With the fence, this will help us to restock market properties, such as stools and tables for the market vendors. Criminal activities will also decline, so this is a good initiative to protect our society," he says.