With the Christmas period just around the corner, the Honiara Beautification Committee are hard at work maintaining the cleanliness of Honiara town.

Workers of the committee are seen around the city clearing debris and cleaning flower gardens and plants.

In an interview with Solomon Times, a worker, who prefers to go by the name Willie, told Solomon Times that a lot of visitors are likely to visit Honiara with Christmas just a few days away "so we feel responsible to clean up the city."

The group who are often confused with men working for the Works Department are visible around different parts of Honiara.

Solomon Times understands that the committee will be working from Town Ground to King George VI area in the eastern part of town.

"It is hard work, but we have to do it because we have pride in the magnificence of our country," Willie said.

Meanwhile, the committee worker have expressed frustrations over acts by the public who have been cutting the palm trees planted along Kukum Campus area right up to Panatina Plaza.

"Such behavior comes only from culprits who don't have any concern and pride for the country but instead would only think of themselves."

He said that if these people think they can just cut palm trees while "some of us sweat to plant the trees, then they should come and join us, so we can make our capital attractive together."

"It is very discouraging for us when we see such attitude, because it makes us think that there are people out there who do not appreciate our hard work," Willie said.

However, he said that this has only pushed them to work harder to prove to "these people" that it will not stop the committee from the hard work they have put towards beautifying the nation's capital.