The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon. Francis Zama has raised doubts over the progress of some of the major agricultural developments in the country.

He raised the doubts as a form of question posed to the delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture who sat before the Public Accounts Committee last week to present their Supplementary Budget Allocation.

Hon. Zama raised the doubt when the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Lands, Henry Pika said that the last development with regards to Auluta development is for the Ministry to acquire a block of land to set a research center to study rainfall and soil type.

The Chairman then questioned why there is a need to go ahead with the development if the studies have not yet been done.

"What if the studies show the land and rainfall is unsuitable for oil palm development? How would the government compensate itself for all the money spent on the development so far?" says Hon. Zama.

In reply Mr. Henry Pika said already earlier studies have been carried out, the center is to allow Agriculture officers to be on the ground closer to the development.

Mr. Zama warns that care must be taken with the major developments because if not they may turn out be a waste of time and money.