The Minister of Finance and Treasury, Snyder Rini, has welcomed the setting up of a new home for the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Solomon Islands.

The Office was officially opened in Honiara yesterday by the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena and Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua in the presence of senior government officials and visiting representatives from the two International Financial Institutions.

Rini said the decision to establish the World Bank and ADB presence in Honiara is important to strengthen the partnership between Government and the two institutions.

"The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank's noble decisions to establish offices here demonstrates their commitment, confidence and trust in the Government and people of Solomon Islands to further advance and progress the Banks' operation with efficiency and effectiveness," he said. "In many ways the establishment of these offices marks a strengthened partnership between the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Solomon Islands."

Mr Rini said this development signifies that both the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank would coordinate and harmonize their development assistance better with the Solomon Islands Government and in a manner and mode consistent with the 'Paris Declaration' that would bring about a greater wellbeing for the people of Solomon Islands.

The partnership between the Solomon Islands Government with the two banks will absolutely support the present government's commitment to improving the lives of all Solomon Islanders, especially those in the rural areas.

"Ensuring that our people have greater access to a high quality, reliable and affordable energy supplies and telecommunication services and adequate infrastructure will go a long way in meeting our Government's goals and objectives," Mr Rini said. "We have all played a part in making the establishment of the offices come to fruition. It is, therefore, now up to us all to continue to play our parts by taking full advantage of these offices".

Press Release (Government Communications Unit)