Homes have been inundated by heavy rain, one that has persisted for the past 36 hours.

Homes throughout Honiara are flooded with many forced to move to higher grounds, others moving to relatives nearby.

“We are getting reports that various areas around Honiara are being flooded, from White River, Vara creek, Chinatown, homes along the Kukum highway and the worst hit in Lungga,” stated officers manning the NDMO hotline.

“We are sending officers to assess damages, but it will be clear tomorrow the extent of the damage.”

NDMO is also expected to send assessment teams to the South of Guadalcanal once the heavy weather subsides.

Meanwhile, police officers are appealing to the public to refrain from illegal activities, with reports emerging that shops in Chinatown have been looted.

“We will deal with those culprits severely, it is sad that people choose to take advantage of such desperate situations,” stated Sgt Rotu.

“We have established police patrol in and around Honiara, and we will deal with such nonsense accordingly.”