The HIV Department of the Ministry of Health has rejected claims that there are herbal medicines that can heal the HIV virus.

This stern warning has come about because of a recent claim that a young boy with HIV infection had been healed using herbal medicines.

The Department calls on the public not to believe such rumors pointing out that even if it were true, this would have to be verified and declared as such by the National Aids Council.

An officer of the HIV Department made the clarifications following rumors that someone has been healed through the use of herbal medicines.

The officer called on the members of the public to contact the Ministry's HIV Department if they hear such rumors, adding that the scientific community is still doing research, searching for a cure. The officer stated that currently he virus can only be slowed down once it is treated with drugs.

The officer also said that only Solomon Island National Aids Council can declare and release any information regarding the virus but for any body to talk about the virus was not right and will mislead the public with wrong information.

Source: National Express