A hit and run accident at the Kakabona area, west of Honiara, results in a road block that called for police intervention.

Police media reports that a motor vehicle traveling east lunch hour Sunday hit a 19-year-old boy and drove on ahead for fear of being attacked.

The young boy was reported to have been injured from the hit.

A road block was later set up by some 15 to 20 men from the Kakabona community, halting vehicles going back to town from their picnics.

Police was informed of the road block and two Police patrol, including the Commissioner of Police, Peter Marshall, were dispatched to the site.

The road block was later cleared after the Police Commissioner approached some Kakabona elderly men and their leaders who later agreed to remove the blockage.

Kukum Police traffic were notified of the accident and the suspect was arrested an hour later.

The incident has police reiterating calls on all communities around Honiara to resolve such issues through rightful approaches rather than taking the law into their own hands.

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