The United Nations System in the Pacific and the United Nations Development Programme are currently holding a two-day conference in Honiara.

Resident Coordinator for UNDP Multi-Country in Suva, Fiji, Mr. Richard Dictus, said High-Level Review meeting forms an integral part of an on-going consultative process to design the United Nation's programme for the Solomon Islands for 2008 to 2012.

The consultative process began last year with the preparing of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

UNDAF sets out the strategic focus in four key areas: economic growth and poverty reduction; democratic government and human rights; equitable social and protection services; and environment and natural resources management for the UN's work in each of the PICs, and was prepared with an extensive process of technical consultations and engagement with governments.

The UNDAF document were finalized and endorsed in principle by 14 Pacific governments in May 2007 at the stakeholders meeting.

Mr. Dictus said the expected outcomes under each focus area were then submitted to each agency's Executive Board for approval in September.

The technical consultation between the UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA and with the Solomon Islands Government's has been an on-going process for the last few weeks to come to an agreement on an action plan.

"We are here to discuss and agree on each agency's programme of cooperation for the next five years with your government and other implementing partners in what is known as the Joint Strategy Meeting," said Mr. Dictus.

He said that they are collaborating much more closely than before and much more like a well rehearsed church choir than a reggae band and they have adopted consultation and openness as the core values of their planning process.