The noticeable high rate in house rentals in Honiara is causing problems for the ordinary working citizens in the capital city.

"There is high demand with people moving around looking for houses to rent but what is available in the market is just too expensive," a public servant commented to Solomon Times.

It was noted that rentals have surged from SBD$3,500 - SBD$5,000 per month to rates ranging between SBD$10,000 - SBD$20,000.

"I blame the government for making its working citizens struggle with housing because they have sold all the houses they had which could have been residences for public servants rented out at reasonable rates," another public servant, Jane Kavo, stated.

Another worker, Mark Salo, blamed RAMSI for the extreme pricing that is affecting the working citizens in Honiara.

"They give these high rates to house owners and now, people are being ridiculous with the rentals," he said.

Mr. Salo said that people are now building houses mainly for the "RAMSI market, being attracted to the high rents".

But one senior public servant comments that while it's true that RAMSI does pay for a much higher price, "people who take huge loans at banks to build an executive house to suit the market have to bear in mind that these are people who are only renting on short term basis, so house owners should be mindful".

Another working citizen, Jonathan Bako, said that some house owners take advantage of the hike in house rents without realizing that the condition in the home is not fit for the value set.

"They should be guilty about pricing rents too high with lack of knowledge on how to rate against the condition of the house," Mr. Bako said.

A shop keeper approached, Jeffery Rafile, said the government should get responsible authorities to sort the situation because "the working citizens of Solomon Islands are struggling to meet the demand and it's not fair on them".

GPPOL employee, Lynne Hesao, said owners of the houses should know and understand both the advantage and disadvantage of such problems and come about with a solution.