Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara City have recorded an increase in the reports of alcohol related incidents such as disturbances and disorderly behaviour over the last reporting period 20 June to 1 August 2019.

There were 62 disturbance/disorderly behaviour reports recorded during the two week period. Most of these offences occurred during weekends and most reports are alcohol related with the exception of 13 incidents which were non- alcohol related.

There are certain parts of Honiara that are hot spots for these activities. This includes Borderline, King George, Zion and some other settlements in East Honiara
Assistant Commissioner Crime and Intelligence (AC) Ian Vaevaso says, “For this reporting period Central Honiara accounted for most of the disturbances with 24 reports, Naha 19 White River 15 and Guadalcanal Province with 4 reports.”

“Central Honiara reported the highest number of incidences with Geology, Point Cruz and Tuvaruhu being the hotspot areas.”

ACP Vaevaso explains: “By looking at the report, alcohol related matters have increased. There are people out there who are brewing kwaso and are illegally selling beer. If you have any information regarding those illegal activities please report them to your nearest police station or call the National Police Communications Centre. Your police is out there to assist you.”

“These antisocial behaviours are disturbing our communities. We want our communities to be peaceful and crime free. Let us work together to address these issues.”

“I would like to appeal to our community, church, women and youth leaders to work together with the Police so that we can curb this kind of antisocial behaviour.”

Police can be contacted on phone 23666 or dial police on the toll free line on 999.

Source: RSIPF Media