Chewing betel nut is a popular pastime here in the Solomons, and currently the betel nut fruit-leaf is at a very high demand in and around town.

A roadside seller, Mr. Henry Kaoni, from east Guadalcanal told Solomon Times that 'betel nut selling' falls into two categories: betel nut fruit and the fruit-leaf.

"When the demand for betel nut is high, I earn high income. But when the demand is low, I have to struggle to make sales," Mr. Kaoni said.

The hardworking father is struggling to make ends meet for his family, and found that selling fruit-leaf has become one of the best ways of earning money.

"The switch is very satisfying and I make enough money to support my family in east Guadalcanal."

Mr. Kaoni said his daily income meets family needs "like kerosene and food".

His house is surrounded with the fruit-leaf plants, and he doesn't have to spend much for the establishment of his small business.

"I like what I'm doing because it does not cost me much, except for my transport fare to come down to town and go back to the village. But it's not much so I'm still earning more than I've expected," said Mr. Kaoni.

He hopes that the income will, one day, generate into something big.