A case between the Government and the former acting Attorney General in the Sogavare-led Government, Nuatali Tongarutu, has been adjourned for the second time.

The case was again adjourned last week to the 21st of May.

Office of the Attorney General has filed against Mrs. Tongarutu, seeking the return of a government vehicle currently in her possession, which was for her use as acting Attorney General for the previous Sogavare Government.

It is understood that Mrs. Tongarutu has refused to return the vehicle, claiming that it was given to her through an arrangement reached under the Sogavare-led Government.

The National Express has been unable to contact Mrs. Tongarutu for comments about her High Court case.

In the High court lat week Monday, Mrs. Tongarutu briefly appeared and told the court that she had a toothache and the case was subsequently adjourned to Wednesday.

Last week Wednesday, the High Court received a correspondence from Mrs. Tongarutu seeking further adjournment, informing the court that she was still sick.