To commemorate the celebrations of Solomon Islands' 30th anniversary, the nation's brewery company launched its seasonal "hellabock" alcohol drink.

Senior officer of the Solomon Breweries Limited, Patterson Tanavalu said that the 'hellabock' will only be produced for seasonal events.

"We produced the drink for Christmas and New Years celebrations and now the Independence celebrations," Mr. Tanavalu said.

He said that the idea of producing the alcohol drink had come up before the special events in 2000.

Asked about the name 'hellabock', Mr. Tanavalu explained that it is German for "special brew".

"The hellabock drink with seven percent alcohol is different from other drinks produced by the company and it brings great satisfaction to our customers," he said.

The drink is produced using malt flavor and has a sweet bitter aroma taste.

Mr. Tanavalu said that although the 'hellabock' is higher in alcohol percentage, "the price is the same with SB and SolBrew beer".