Maintaining Honiara city can be a tiring task for people assigned to the job.

In a city where debris is a common sight, the task is not only tiring but also challenging for the workers who work tirelessly sweeping up and cleaning up behind people.

Unlike some jobs that can be flexible, to maintain the town's cleanliness is a must for those employed to the job.

"In other countries, workers who maintain the cleanliness of their cities use high tech equipment but our workers use ordinary brooms made of coconut leaves," Sam Firimola commented to Solomon Times.

It was noted that people have lack of consideration when moving around town while workers are cleaning the streets.

Speaking with one of the workers around town, she said that it gets harder sometimes when they are going about their task and people just get in the way.

"It can be very stressful because we are really trying to get our job done but people are so inconsiderate, they just throw rubbish right after we clean up so we do the job all over again," she said.

The worker said that as much as it is hard on them, "we find it hard to talk to these people, especially the young ones".

"But this is our job and we're paid to clean up so we just have to be patient with the attitude of our people in order to maintain cleanliness in Honiara," she added.