Security amidst election for Solomon Islands' new Prime Minister was tight around Parliament and Honiara city.

A large number of police officers from the Solomon Islands Police Force, with the assistance of the regional police and military personnel, maintained a strong presence through the day.

Police are focusing on high visibility policing around the market place, and also around Parliament House and various areas in the capital city.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations, Peter Marshall, in assuring the public that their safety was guaranteed, said the operation in place is "for opportunists who want to take advantage of [today's] situation".

"The police will ensure that there is no unlawful conduct," he said.

Police are on high alert of any possible nuisance taking place.

"There is no appetite for any nonsense as that of April last year," Mr. Marshall assured the public.

The Parliament vicinity was this morning a no-go zone for public, with high visibility of police on watch around the compound.

Mr. Marshall said a visibility plan had been imposed 6 weeks ago.