The Solomon Islands Meteorological service (METS) says the heavy rain warning that is associated with a trough south of the Solomon Islands is still in force.

The warning was issued this morning by the METS service for Rennell Bellona, Southern parts of Western, Guadalcanal, Makira, and Temotu.

They say an active trough lies to the south of the Solomon Islands, whilst a northwesterly flow persists over the country.

The METS service also monitors an active trough to the south of the Solomon Islands. They warn that associated clouds and heavy rain with thunderstorms will be expected.

METS says such weather conditions could lead to flash flooding and landslides, and reminds communities exposed to such areas to take safety measures.

Such weather conditions have affected the supply of fresh produce at the central market in Honiara, with a notable decrease in supplies and a slight increase in prices.