People who make the illegal alcoholic drink, commonly known as "kwaso" are expected to pay heavy fines after the Penalties Miscellaneous Amendment Bill is gazetted.

The bill sought changes to increase fines in certain acts and the possession of kwaso-making equipment attracts three thousand dollars.

The current fine is so minimal that people who manufacture kwaso can easily pay the fine and go on producing the product because it attracts more money than the fines.

Most of the speakers supported the heavy penalties but others including MP for Temotu Nende Patteson Oti said the penalty is too lenient considering the negative effect it has on the public safety and security.

Mr. Oti suggested that there should be changes to the Liquor Act to allow police impose fine on the spot because taking offenders to court takes a lot of time and money.

He says offences under certain acts that poses public insecurity should have heavier penalties than what is currently being put in the bill.

The Penalties Miscellaneous Amendment Bill covers all acts that imposes fines on certain breaches of these acts.

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