People of Ontong Java in the Malaita Outer Islands will face numerous health problems with the absence of frequent shipping services to the islands.

The Director of the Disaster Management Office, Loti Yates, quotes a report by a health team which visited the island recently that there is no vaccine on Ontong Java.

He says without shipping services, there were no medical tours and re-stocking of essential drugs for the clinic on the island.

Mr. Yates says if people continue to live in the current situation where food is running low, coupled with unbalanced diet, possibility for health disaster is very high.

He says malnutrition is likely to affect children and other vulnerable age groups.

Mr. Yates says the health team report strongly suggest that the next boat to the Island must take drugs and an immunisation team to the island to immunise children there.

The report also suggest that other officers within the medical department such as the pharmacy must go to take stock of what drugs are needed in the clinic there.

He says a team from the rural water supplies and sanitation must also visit the island to assess the water situation there and maybe establish water tanks there for people to use.

Source: SIBC News