The Minister of Health and Medical Services, Clay Forau, has assured medical authorities in Makira Ulawa Province of his commitment to press for the building of a new hospital for Makira-Ulawa province.

Mr Forau made the assurance when meeting senior medical authorities last Thursday in the provincial capital, Kirakira.

The existing Kirakira hospital is facing problems for further expansion to cater for the province's growing population since it was located right in the heart of the township.

The Minister was taken on a visit where he was impressed with the new site where the proposed 100 bed hospital is to be built.

Mr Forau said one of the major policies of the ruling CNURA government is to upgrade major hospitals in the provinces including the Kirakira hospital.

"As minister responsible for health, I am fully committed to ensure that this new hospital is established to provide better health services to the people of this province," he said.

He said the CNURA government is working in close partnership with international donors to build the new SBD$20 million hospital.

Kirakira hospital is currently suffering from low staffing to provide quality medical services due to a severe housing shortage in the provincial capital.
The problem has affected the effectiveness of health services.

Medical authorities have called on the Government to consider funding staff housing once the new hospital is built.

Once built, the new hospital will be considered as the Eastern Referral Hospital, catering for both Makira-Ulawa and Temotu provinces.

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