The Ministry of Health and Medical services has closed all vaccination sites in Honiara today.

The Health Ministry says they have had to close off the sites to prevent the spread of the virus to the public and health workers.

There were chaotic scenes at the vaccination sites in Honiara, hundreds packed the area, with no control over the flow of people wanting the jab. This prompted the early closure of some sites.

The Health Ministry say the vaccination team will have to reassess how best to proceed with the vaccination drive, one that is safe for health workers and the public.

The Ministry of Health says up to 3,234 people have been vaccinated since the new drive started on Monday (24/01), but admits it’s been a challenge trying to control the crowd.

The public have been raising concerns on social media that these vaccination sites are fast becoming super spreaders, and calls on the health team to consider doing house to house or a drive through vaccination center.

Others have suggested using large areas such as the Lawson Tama stadium, which is big enough to ensure social distancing is practiced.

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