The Ministry of Health together with the Customs Office will be working together to tackle the imports of the White Rabbit Candies said to contain the industrial chemical, Melamine.

During a Press Conference yesterday, Mr. Robinson Fugui, Director of Environmental Health Services revealed that they are working with the Customs office on the neccesary legal provision needed to tackle the issue.

He revealed that there has been some delay on the supporting Regulation Draft that was provided to the Attorney General's office. According to Mr. Fugui, the Regulation Draft would allow implementation in screening food imported into the country, checking on dates, nutrition and use by dates of imported food.

He stated that the imports of such goods can be alerted if there is cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Customs office.

He also revealed that there hasn't been any traces of the Sanlu Milk product in Honiara, however there are White Rabbit Candies found.

He further stated that with the lack of lab capacity and instrument that Solomon Islands have for testing, the samples of the confiscated products will be flown to Australia.